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The importance of 360 feedback

We believe that every person needs a constructive feedback to be more self-aware and to grow.

Insight To Business is a tool for 360-degree feedback, used for managers/leaders development and growth.


Self-awareness is the best predictor of individual success according to Green Peaks and Cornell’s study of corporate executives.
Insight2B 360-degree feedback delivers this self-awareness to individuals across an organization by addressing important knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics.

Blind spots

Additionally, Insight2B 360 reviews provide opportunities for managers, peers and direct reports to provide critical developmental feedback that they may not otherwise share. Feedback delivered from various peers, managers, and direct reports helps everyone understand their blind spots.

Maximizing performance outcome

Although the competencies measured in a Insight2B 360 review can vary across organizations, departments and job levels, common competencies include things like leadership, teamwork, communication, decision-making and collaboration. Given the continual demands of work, it is easy to get caught up in only looking at how well employees get their jobs done, instead of taking the longer term view to make sure they are developing into the most productive employee they can become.

Insight2B 360-degree feedback helps managers and employees to look at competencies that will help develop the individual and the organization as a whole.

Different sources of information

Insight2B is an appraisal system that gathers feedback on an individual from a number of sources who know him / her. Typically these might be colleagues, direct reports and customers. It is normally used as a learning and development aid and its main benefit is that it gives individuals better information about their skills, performance, and working relationships than more traditional appraisal arrangements based on line managers’ assessment alone.

Companies, that invest in people’s growth using Insight2B





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How Insight2B could be useful for you?

We believe that every person needs a feedback and an inspiration to keep moving.
We use Insight2B to explore, to get insights and to support people and organizations in making next step in their growth.

The most used competencies for leadership profile

Leadership. Visionary
Emotional Intelligence
Developing others
Strategic Thinking
Change Management
Self development
Planning and prioritizing
Decision Making

Common usage of 360 degree feedback

#1 The most common use of 360 degree feedback
Companies typically use Insight2B 360 feedback system in one of two ways:
  • Аs a Development Tool to help employees recognize strengths and areas for development and become more effective
When done properly, Insight2B 360 is highly effective as a development tool. The feedback process gives people an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to a coworker that they might otherwise be uncomfortable giving. Feedback recipients gain insight into how others perceive them and have an opportunity to adjust behaviors and develop skills that will enable them to excel at their jobs.
  • Аs a Performance Appraisal Tool to measure employee performance
Using Insight2B 360 Feedback for Performance Appraisal is a common practice, but not always a good idea. It is a matter of special approach to properly structure a process that creates an atmosphere of trust when you use 360 evaluations to measure performance. Moreover, Insight2B 360 feedback focuses on behaviors and competencies more than on basic skills, job requirements, and performance objectives. These things are most appropriately addressed by an employee and his/her manager as part of an annual review and performance appraisal process. It is certainly possible and can be beneficial to incorporate Insight2B 360 feedback into a larger performance management process, but only with clear communication on how Insight2B 360 feedback will be used.
#2 Several more uses of 360 degree feedback
  • Training Needs Assessment (for People Management/Leadership Development Projects)
  • Evaluation of Teams
  • Self-Assessment
  • Performance Metrics
  • Identifying Talents – Top, Middle and Bottom Performers
  • Identifying Mentors
  • Awareness about strengths and areas for development – not only from Personal Perspective, but also from Corporate one
  • Beginning of a Coaching Process
  • Change booster
#3 Insight2B as a Change Booster
Sometimes it's tough to give and receive 360 feedback that results in change. But this is the meaning of the tool.

That’s why we make the process Insight2B safe and easy.

That’s why we never just give the Insight2B report without interpretation. It’s a must – for every assessed person to have an individual coaching conversation with a trained consultant, who will support him/her to make a reasonable/achievable personal development plan.

We believe that every person needs a feedback and an inspiration to keep moving. We use Insight2B to explore, to get insights and to support people and organizations in making next step in their growth.

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